Browning BAR MK3




Browning BAR MK3

In 1923, the FN Herstal obtained production and export licenses for the BAR M1918. The engineer Dieudonne Saive , who designed the FN FAL , the modified FN 30 that was put into service in the Belgian army in place of Lewis Gun . The changes concern the ammunition, the location of the recuperator spring, the presence of a pistol grip and the modification of the shape of the stock and the forearm. From 1932, the FN Type D (with a removable barrel) was produced. After the war, FM FN D .30 were manufactured in Belgium with the caliber .30-06 . With the appearance of the NATO caliber 7.62 , FM FN DA1 appeared in this caliber. typhoon f12 for sale

The FM FN D .30 was still in use in the air forces at the end of 1988. It had to be withdrawn soon after because at that time the equipment of the Belgian air force with the FNC rifle was well advanced. 9mm ammo for sale


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