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Clenzoil Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company is proud to offer Clenzoil for sale. We are offering this because many gun owners and sportsman have found this product to be an excellent protectant and conditioner – that’s why we are selling it to you. It is especially good to remove built-up gum and powder residue and bits of grit from sort-of burned powder. It also helps puts the sheen back in your gun’s stock. It also works on leather too.



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For years Clenzoil products have been used by military, law enforcement and civilian personnel primarily as a cleaner, lubricant and protectant for high grade weapons, weapon systems and firearms. Clenzoil products have also been used successfully in almost every industry segment spanning use for almost every task where a CLP product can and could be used. In our Field and Range category, Clenzoil has a well documented and an almost legendary and cult-like following among both civilian and military special forces as it is still considered (for over 67 years now) the best of the best in its field and application without equal. tko carts


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