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Stock Polymer Black
Action Semi
Barrel 16 (1
Length 34.25
Weight 5.51 lbs.
Caliber .22 LR



Action: Semi-Auto – Caliber: .22 LR – Capacity: 28rd – Barrel: 16 (1:16) with Muzzle Brake – Sights: Adjustable Rear Sight Post Front Sight – Upper Receiver: Polymer Black – Lower Receiver: Polymer Black – Stock: Polymer Black – Grip: Polymer Black – Handguard: Polymer Black – Length: 34.25 – Weight: 5.51 lbs. – The Chiappa Firearms m four-22 Carbine is a rimfire replica of the versatile weapon system with proven combat utility and performance providing the operator with the confidence required to accomplish any mission. Featuring a 16 in. barrel it is designed for use wherever lightness speed of action mobility and affordable plinking are required. It can be comfortably carried yet be instantly available to provide affordable accuracy hours of fun on the range. Just as the original M4 is proven in military operations the Chiappa Firearms m four-22 Carbine will soon set the standard in sub caliber tactical fun. For extensive information about materials and characteristics of all components please download the file Mfour-Chart of components.pdf under the Manuals section in this page. GEN II: The second generation of model Mfour-22 features a reinforced polymer with mechanical characteristics very similar to aluminum.
AR rifles are easy to handle and fun to shoot. The MFOUR-22 captures the best features and attributes of the AR platform but chambered in .22LR. A near identical replica of an M4 carbine, the Chiappa’s MFOUR-22 is perfect for inexpensive plinking, practice or for training at ranges where centerfire rifle cartridges are not allowed. MFOUR-22 rifles come with a removable carry handle, flattop Picatinny rail, A2 style front sight post and 16″ barrel. MIL-Spec components fit the Chiappa’s MFOUR-22, such as grips, two piece handguards and stocks. The MFOUR-22 comes with either two 10 round magazines or two 28 round magazines depending on local laws and regulations.

The MFOUR-22 is also available in a pistol configuration with a 6″ barrel or as complete upper receiver conversion that will work on any MIL-Spec AR lower receiver.

Chiappa Firearms, Armi Sport di Chiappa, is an Italian firearms manufacturing company based in Brescia. It was founded in 1958 by Ezechiele Chiappa as Armi Sport.



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