Desert Eagle, .357 Magnum, Black, L5




Desert Eagle® L5 Pistol, .357 Magnum, Black Aluminum Frame, Black Slide/Barrel with Integral Muzzle Brake;
MK XIX barrels in both 6″ and 10″ are not compatible with the L5 pistol. trump glock

The Desert Eagle (colloquially, sometimes Deagle) is a gas-operatedsemi-automatic pistol known for chambering the .50 Action Express, the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol. typhoon f12 for sale

Magnum Research Inc. (MRI) designed and developed the Desert Eagle, the design was further refined by (and was also manufactured by) Israel Military Industries (IMI), until 1995, when MRI shifted the manufacturing contract to Saco Defense, in Saco, Maine. In 1998, MRI moved manufacturing back to IMI, which later commercialized its small arms branch under the name Israel Weapon Industries. Since December 2009, the Desert Eagle Pistol has been produced in the United States at MRI’s Pillager, Minnesota, facility.[3] Kahr Arms acquired Magnum Research in 2010. 9mm ammo for sale

Magnum Research has marketed various versions of the short recoil Jericho 941 pistol under the Baby Eagle and Desert Eagle Pistol names; these weapons are not directly related to the Desert Eagle but share a similar visual design. heavy hitters carts


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