Impala Plus Styx 12 Gauge Semi Auto Shotgun 28″ Barrel 3″ Chamber Fiber Bead Front Sight Synthetic Stock Gray/Blue Skull Camouflage Finish




Impala Plus Shotguns Offer an Incredible Value For both Hunting and Sport Shooting

The Impala Plus shotguns is designed to operate with a semi-automatic kinetic reaction system. This type of system has recently gained great appreciation by hunters and sport shooters. This important development is gaining market share with its flawless operation and reliable performance. The Impala Plus system has registered patents and was produced after an extensive technological engineering study in order to bring a unique design system to market. This particular version comes standard with a synthetic field style stock and Gray/Blue Skull Camouflage finish.

Impala Plus Styx Semi Automatic Shotgun (Gray/Blue Skull Camouflage) Specifications and Features:

  • Impala Plus GP28A00CY
  • Semi Automatic Kinetic Reaction System
  • Distributor Exclusive
  • 12 Gauge
  • 28″ Barrel
  • 3″ Chamber (Accepts 2-3/4″ or 3″ Shotshells)
  • Gray/Blue Skull Camouflage Receiver
  • Gray/Blue Skull Camouflage Barrel
  • Fiber Bead Front Sight
  • Sling Swivel Studs
  • Field Style Synthetic Stock
  • Recoil Pad
  • Overall Length 48.50″
  • Gray/Blue Skull Camouflage Finish


  • Full Choke
  • Improved Cylinder Choke
  • Improved Modified Choke
  • Modified Choke
  • Skeet Choke


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