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MagTech .308/7.62 NATO M80 147 Grain FMJBT 500 Linked Rounds in a Ammo Can




500 Rounds of Linked .308/7.62 NATO for M134, M60 or M240 from Magtech
CBC Industries is a global leader when it comes to ammo. They equip military and defense forces everywhere with quality ammunition. Magtech loaded up a surplus of 7.62x51mm then they had sold and this allowed us to buy up the surplus of this mil-spec NATO ammunition linked with M13 disintegrating links. This M80, 147 grain, belted ammunition will allow you to feed your M134, M60, FN MAG, M240, HK21E or your MG3. This 500 round belt is packed in a new, steel, stackable M2A1 military ammo can that has the flat folding handle, lever lock lid, and measures 11x7x5.5″.

With a stellar reputation built on quality, consistency and reliability, Magtech has grown into one of the world’s most successful ammunition manufacturers since the company’s inception in 1990. Along with Brazil’s CBC, Germany’s MEN and Sellier & Bellot out of the Czech Republic, Magtech is a part of the CBC Global Ammunition alliance, their products reaching the military, law enforcement and civilian sectors of more than 130 countries.

Magtech .308/7.62 NATO M80 147Grain Linked Ammo Specifications and Features:
Manufacturer: CBC Defense/Magtech
Caliber: .308/7.62 NATO
Rounds: 500
Grain Weight: 147
Bullet Type: M80 Ball, Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT)
Brass Case
Loaded to Mil-Spec; MIL-C-9963F
M13 steel links
Muzzle Velocity: 2750 fps

M2A1 Ammo Can Specifications and Features:
Lever lock lid
Foldable carrying handle

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