Taurus G3 9mm Luger Semi Auto Pistol 4″ Barrel 10 Rounds Single Action with Restrike 3-Dot Sights Thumb Safety Black Polymer Frame Black Finish


Taurus Armas S.A. (previously known as Forjas Taurus S.A.) is a Brazilian manufacturing conglomerate based in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul and Bainbridge, Georgia. Founded in 1924 as a tool and die forging plant, the company now consists of Taurus Armas, its firearm division, as well as other divisions focusing on metals manufacturing, plastics, body armors, helmets and civil construction.



Buy Taurus G3 9mm Luger Semi Auto Pistol 4 Online

The Taurus G3 is the next evolution of full sized personal protection pistols from the Brazilian manufacturer. Like the G2 and G2C before it, the G3 is an excellent choice for the legally armed citizen. The Taurus G3 is packed with features that make this pistol a snap to shoot and effortless to carry. 10mm pistols can be converted into rifles, .44s get bump stocks, and double-barreled shotguns can be turned into triples. It creates a feeling of immersion that cannot be felt with the standard scope system in Fallout 4. The mod works its magic by getting rid of the black fade into a full-screen scope. tko carts

With an ergonomic grip, the G3 is easy to control. This is a single action striker fired pistol with a restrike capability. Should a round fail to fire the first time, you have the option of pulling the trigger again to get a second strike. The standard 3 dot sights are highly effective and the rear sight is drift adjustable for windage. It’s the perfect gun for personal defense, but also a great option for home protection. Do a little research and you will see that the latest Taurus pistols are highly regarded as being accurate, reliable, and durable while being offered at a lower price point than some of their competitors. Whoever said you need to spend an arm and a leg for a reliable firearm, never picked up a Taurus G3. trump guns

Taurus G3 Specifications and Features:

  • Taurus Item Number 1-G3941-MA
  • Full Size Semi Automatic Handgun
  • Single Action with Restrike Capability
  • 9mm Luger
  • 10 Rounds
  • 4″ Barrel
  • 3-Dot Sights with Drift Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Manual Thumb Safety
  • Accessory Rail
  • Black Polymer Frame
  • Black Finish
  • Overall Length 7.28″
  • Overall Weight 24.83 oz


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