Winchester 1885 Falling Block Action Rifle


Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designer John Browning
Manufacturer Winchester
Produced 1885–1918
Barrel length 26 inches (66 cm)

Action Falling-block




Winchester 1885 Falling Block Action Rifle

Winchester 1885 High Wall falling block action rifle chambered in 32-40. This rifle has a 30″ #3 Octagon barrel with a very good bore, a very good mechanical condition, a thinning blued/patina metal finish, standard front sight with a semi-buckhorn rear sight, and a “Marble” tang sight. The unchecked straight grip walnut stock with a crescent steel buttplate has hairline cracks at the upper tang and at the receiver/stock junction. The walnut schnabel forend has the original ebony insert. This rifle has a serial number of 107XXX, was manufactured circa 1918, is C&R eligible, and is in good to very good condition. tko carts

In 1878, the 23-year-old Browning designed a falling-block single-shot rifle, for which he was granted a patent the following year. Browning and his brother commenced making the rifles by hand in their second-floor workshop in Ogden, Utah, with limited success.

In 1883, Thomas G. Bennett, Vice-President and General Manager of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, traveled to Ogden and negotiated the purchase of the single-shot design, as well as the prototype of what would become the Model 1886 lever-action – the beginning of the fruitful 20-year Winchester–Browning collaboration. Winchester’s engineers made some improvements to Browning’s design, including angling the block at six degrees to create a positive breech seal, and released the rifle as the Model 1885. Two popular models were made, the so-called Low Wall which showed an exposed hammer, firing less powerful cartridges, and the so-called High Wall for stronger cartridges whose steel frame covered most of the firing hammer when viewed from the side; but both were officially marketed by Winchester as the Single Shot Rifle.


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