Winchester Lake City M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition 1000 Rounds FMJ 62 Grain Green Tip USA855K




Winchester SS109 Green Tip Penetrator

Loaded by Winchester using Lake City Brass and packed in the Winchester white box, this M855, SS109 ammunition features a 62 grain full metal jacket bullet with a lead alloy and steel core. These green tip rounds are designed for use with the AR platform. This is the same ammo Winchester has been manufacturing for issue to the American Military for many years, and the reliability of Winchester M855 is legendary. If you need Legendary reliability, look no further than Lake City Winchester M855 5.56 NATO Green tip

Features and Specifications:
Caliber:5.56x45mm NATO
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight: 62 Grain
Lake CIty Stamped
SS109 Green Tip Penetrator
Rounds: 1000 Rounds
Muzzle velocity: 3060 fps
Muzzle energy: 1288 ft/lbs
Uses: Target, Training, Plinking or as back up for your primary defensive loads. At close-range velocities, these bullets tend to fracture at the cannelure into two or three main pieces.

Note: This is military grade ammunition. It may show discoloration which is caused by a process known as annealing. This is completely normal.

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