Zastava ZPAP85 556 Nato Draco Pistol


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Zastava ZPAP85 556 Nato Draco Pistol 10″ Barrel AK-47

The Zastava M85 is a carbine designed and produced by then Yugoslavian Zastava Arms. It is a shortened version of the original rifle, the Zastava M80, which is itself successor to the Zastava M70 assault rifle. The M85 is practically same as the carbine version of the M70, the Zastava M92, the only difference being in caliber, and in this case, the magazine design, as same as with original rifles, the M70 and M80.

Like its original variant, the M80, the M85 was intended to be a new weapon in the arsenal of the Yugoslav People’s Army, but the breakup of Yugoslavia disrupted production. It is currently produced largely for commercial sales and export.



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